A Team WASD Production,

Sappy Land

Sappy Land is a 2D platformer like you've never seen! Using a revolutionary new art style reminiscent of cel-shading, Sappy Land jumps out with character and expression like no game has ever done before. With robust and challenging action/platform gameplay, hilariously memorable bosses, a host of evil forces, and almost 40 Elemental Powers, Sappy Land will have you dreaming of a sequel. Hailed as "The best thing that's happened to Game Maker since last week”, Sappy Land is poised to take the independent games scene by storm. Seize your chance to save the world from the Evil Professor Rosseforp and his Robot Army by collecting the 13 Elemental Gems from more than a dozen diverse and rich climates and restore Earth to it's natural state. But don't stop there, thirty “Stat Potions” are scattered throughout the world waiting to make you the strongest, fastest, toughest, or smartest person on the planet! Become the Hero!

Watch out for the Fire Ninja!
Watch out for the lava!

Expansive Aquatic Terrain!
The Hero is casting a spell to destroy those jelly fish!

Look! Up in the sky!
Windlor is one of the 14 bosses in SappyLand....

... But he's no match for Hero!

You can download SappyLand here.
You can download the SappyLand Intro movie here.
You can download the Manual Here.
And if you'd like to see how SappyLand was made, you can download the GM6 file here, and the Game Maker software from GameMaker.nl

TIP: Before you try to go after any of the bosses, make sure you go around collecting stat potions, even a few will greatly increase your chances of surviving.

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